A walk to Lake Muskry from Rossadrehid village is must to experience the mountain ecosystem and natural environment of this spectacular Valley.

The geology of the area is dominated by Old Red Sandstone from the Devonian period 300 million ago. There are 5 lakes in the Galtees which are important aquifers and were created by the action of ice and is some of the finest examples of a glacial lake site with erosional and depositional features. The higher peaks, known as nanataks, protruded above the ice and were subjected to intense freeze-thaw action, a good exampleis O Loughlan’s Castle which overlooks Lake Muskry.

Lake Muskry was formerly known as Lough Béal Sead (Lake of the Jewel Mouth). Legend tells that the lake was once home of beautiful maidens who every second year were metamorphosised into birds, one becoming the most beautiful in the world. To mark her pre-eminence she was allowed to wear a golden necklace which had a sparkling jewel in it.