Nature Park

The entrance to the park is adjacent to the Christ the King statue and parking/viewing area, and is marked by an oak panel on supporting posts. There is a map panel at start of walk showing route and features along the way. The Park begins with steps leading down to a wooden bridge crossing a small stream, and into the woods.

The walk itself takes about 1 hour to complete, through 50 acres (18 hectares) of pure woodland. It is a circular trek and returns to the same point as it started. Walking through the woodland area, various trees and shrubs are identified by such as Oak, Scots Pine and Beech.

Also, the woodland is the habitat of many animals and birds, such as fox, red and grey squirrels and blackbird.

An old famine house, called Lenihans Cottage, which is now in ruins, would have been a type of dwelling for small farmers and labourers.

It is dated back to the famine times (1845 – 1870) and the early 1900’s.

It would have been thatched, consisting of two rooms with an adjoining building to house a cow or pig.

Throughout the park there are walking posts to guide you through the woods along a path, for you to enjoy restful and relaxing woodland walk.

Betty Lynch
Stop for a moment dear friend as you walk.
Look up to the heavens, and hear nature’s talk.
The breeze rustles branches, while tall trees do away,
And for you, my friend, it has banished dismay.
The birds sing of love, while you ramble along
Dance to their music, and sing your own song
Be aware you are part, of all that I made,
Find peace and contentment in this green leafy glade.