Walkers Welcome

Walkers Welcome


The Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary

The Glen of Aherlow welcomes walkers and we will do all we can to ensure a comfortable, safe and enjoyable Walkers Welcome experience in our area.

We offer the following to our walking visitors:

  • A commitment from the local community to offer you the best walking experience possible in the area
  • Walkers Welcome approved accommodation in the locality
  • Walks information including mapboards & signage detailing walks in the area
  • Guaranteed regular maintenance & upkeep of our local walks
  • Walking brochures & information on walking festivals & clubs in the locality
  • A local walking officer who can offer assistance & advice
  • A varied selection of walks suitable for varying fitness levels in the area
  • Our local amenities provide a walker friendly service including our shops, pubs & cafes
  • Visitors books in the local pub/cafe for you to write down your impressions of your walking holiday in our area